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What to Expect from LightQuest Media Inc.

The arena of television and radio is well populated with media agencies.  Many who identify themselves as a media buyer outwardly may actually be different inwardly.  […]

Because…you could be wrong

Some guy named Cornelius Vanderbilt walked into the Moon Lake Lodge restaurant in 1853 and ordered French-fried potatoes. And the world has never been the same since.

The View from Third Base

In the 1970 World Series, Brooks Robinson played his corner. That was his portion of the field. His. He owned it. Dominated it. He swung, leapt, crouched, scooped. He crawled and dove. Threw and snagged.

Do you know your worth?

“Agent Carter knows how to wear a hat. She also knows how to disarm an armed man – or men – depending on the occasion, diffuse a prototype bomb with household chemicals, and pick up sandwiches everyday for the boys in the office.”

Born to be Wildly Discontent

“Tara Lynn Thompson has been in hiding too long. We have no idea if the authorities are after her or she just prefers watching the world from the anonymous shadows, but we’re pulling back the curtain.”