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Lindsay Vroome

Lindsay F. Vroome takes her last name literally.

She moves. If you catch her on a 13-mile bike ride along Riverside Drive, armed with only her energy and her 2008 cobalt blue Fuji road bike, you might feel inspired to cheer her on with, "Vroome, Vroome, Vroome." You might get a laugh out of her. Or she might think you're singing a Nissan commercial. If you don't catch her there, you might find Lindsay tossing a football, playing the violin, backpacking through the wilderness, kayaking in the ocean surf, or crocheting. Hey, everyone needs to rest sometime.

What you won't miss is her love of the outdoors, her perpetual energy, and her uncanny knack of giving every detail her personal, focused, undivided attention – a great asset to the LightQuest team. That's Lindsay, keeping an eye on the small stuff while accomplishing the big stuff.

"Although my position requires strong 'left brain' activity (i.e. accuracy, detail, organization, etc), I have a very creative and artistic side," says Lindsay, the Data Specialist for LightQuest. "Here in my position, that side is utilized for creative problem-solving."

Before entering the media world, Lindsay earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, working for over three years as a Waiting List Coordinator at a non-profit preschool for children with special needs. Now, she's bringing her mad communication, operational, and administrative skills, as well as her talent for voice impressions, to the LightQuest team.

"I am a very sensitive and analytical person," she says. "Therefore, I think my innate ability to understand others and put myself in their shoes can be an asset to any organization in any position and can glorify Jesus and His heart for people. I desire for my work to make a positive difference in the world, even in the finite details."

Having the details managed with efficiency and accuracy means media projects always run smoothly. With Lindsay behind the scenes, LightQuest clients can focus on the big picture, knowing the smaller necessities are always handled with excellence.

In her downtime, Lindsay enjoys relaxing, kicking back, taking it easy, enjoying family and friends and good food, and learning something easy, uncomplicated, and physically undemanding, like…wood-working and carpentry.

Vroome, Vroome, Vroome.

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