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Faith Life Now

Gary and Drenda Keesee

Faith Life Now wants you to get the “money thing.”  It’s time to get practical.  To fix this.  To overcome debt.  To fulfill your destiny.

Faith Life Now, the Keesees’ ministry, has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and families use biblical principles to take control of their financial lives.  Through their nationwide daily TV program Fixing the Money Thing, their pastoral teachings at Faith Life Church, their Financial Revolution Conferences, Christian financial planning business Forward Financial group, and the “Practical Plan to Financial Freedom,” Faith Life Now ministries are showing others how to finally get the “money thing.”


Drenda Keesee believes people have been victims long enough.  Now, it’s time for empowerment, purpose, passion, challenges that are met head on and conquered, lies that are met head on and defeated.

Through her television show, Drenda, airing nationally, and her book, She Gets It: 11 Lies That Hold Women Hostage, Drenda tackles the important issues of today by sharing her personal journey and life lessons in a powerful message that is transforming women from victimized to victorious.