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World Impact

Dr. Billy Wilson

The Word of God impacts the world. Whenever it is spoken. No matter where it goes. In every corner of the globe. The message of Jesus Christ, very simply put, makes waves.

In 200 countries and five languages, World Impact with Dr. Billy Wilson broadcasts the powerful message of our friend and savior Jesus Christ. Dr. Wilson is the current President of Oral Roberts University (ORU), a Christian liberal arts university in Tulsa, OK with a global reach. He films each show on location in historic destinations such as Israel, Germany, and Turkey, and connects viewers with the hope of an intimate, renewed and eternal relationship with Christ.

Airing domestically and internationally to approximately 300 million potential households, World Impact with Dr. Billy Wilson provides Biblical wisdom on issues Christians face around the globe. Each broadcast provides support, encouragement, and guidelines relevant to anyone, regardless of nationality, age, or socioeconomic standing.