LightQuest Media


LightQuest is an agency focused in the arena of Christian Media.  We consider it a privilege and joy to serve those who are sharing the Good News through media.

But, we aren’t what you might think.  We’ve built a culture from a different perspective: as Christians working in business instead of as a Christian business.  Why is this important to us?

• While it has become commonplace, the use of the word “Christian” as an adjective instead of a noun seems like a disconnect from its original intent.

• We live and work daily in the world of commerce, a field of markets, transactions, negotiations, money flows, and value-for-value relationships.

• The world of Christian media ministry often uses jargon, hype, and lingo that is strange and foreign to most people in the business world.

• We focus on actions and service, not religious buzzwords or hype.

• We’re really nice people and we all love Jesus, but in addition to our faith, our business is based on faithful execution of strategies and excellent performance for our clients.