LightQuest Media


LightQuest regularly performs a full spectrum of advertising services for its clients:

  • broadcast spot buys
  • billboards and outdoor
  • online and search engine ads
  • social media

Media consumers have become quite sophisticated.  They often extract the content that interests them, while skipping your advertising and marketing messages.

The consumer is now in control.  No more monolithic cram downs of advertising messages from the corner offices of Madison Avenue.  Today’s world of marketing demands a keen respect for the customer and an in depth understanding about how this new world of texts, tweets, likes, and shares functions so differently than the old days of mass media and captive audiences.

We integrate the old with the new.  Or maybe it’s the new with the old.  Regardless, the world has permanently changed, and so have we.  There are still billboards, television, print and radio.  But social media, search engine marketing, engagement marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, YouTube, and all their digital friends are continuing to remake the world of marketing and communications.

We help you develop and execute advertising strategies that make the best use of your budget across all relevant media, new and old.  Strategies that create response and make your brand and your message memorable.