LightQuest Media

Media Buying

The arena of television and radio is well populated with media agencies.

Many who identify themselves as a media buyer outwardly may actually be different inwardly.  Such as a media broker.  Or a media seller.  And, it’s the inside that should matter most to you.

A media broker is a middleman, someone who brings buyer and seller together.  They may represent both parties.  A media broker works for the deal.

A media seller, similar to a broker, works to sell inventory for the stations and networks and brokers.  Or they may be working to sell their own inventory.  You may think they work for you, the client, but not necessarily so.  They may call themselves media buyers.  But, a media seller works for the sale.

A true media buyer only serves as agent and professional representative for you, the client, the ultimate buyer of media.  That’s LightQuest.  We don’t work for the deal, and we don’t work for the sale.  We work for you, our client.  No mixed loyalties.  No inventory we are pressured to move.  Our media buyers are salaried professionals, not a commissioned sales force.

You get strategic selection, negotiation, and placement of your content through a process that is designed to benefit you, because you are the one signing the checks.

Looking to place your programming, advertising, or content where your needs and goals are paramount?  To quote Yoda, “A fit we might be.”

Services include:

  • Development of a custom Strategic Media Plan that considers your goals and budget
  • Research guided by this plan
  • Recommendations that follow your strategy
  • Rate and deal negotiations
  • Contracting with stations
  • Billing and invoice auditing
  • Resolving any issues with the stations
  • Distribution of traffic instructions and other communications to stations
  • Coordination of show promotions with stations
  • Serving as liaison between you and all stations